Fill out your Over-the-Counter building permit application form

Most building applications require a Form 3/8, also known as the pink form.

What to do

2. Fill in the building location

Fill in your project address and block and lot.

Look up your block and lot number through our property information map using your street address. (Block and lot number are also called parcel. If a parcel number is 0000/111, then the block number is 0000 and the lot number is 111.)

3. Describe the existing building

Fill in the description of the existing building

4. Describe your project

Fill in the description of the building after alterations, including if you will do:

  • Electrical work
  • Plumbing work

Tell us if you will do these projects. We need it to route your application.

  • If you will use street space
  • If you make or change a driveway, also called an auto-runway

5. Write the description of work

Describe your project. Include:

  • The location of the work, like the floor the work will happen on and if it is on the front or rear of building
  • Square footage of the project, and if it’s expanding
  • If you are moving existing walls
  • If you are replacing or repairing with a similar item, also called in-kind” work
  • Relevant ordinance numbers

Also mention if you are doing a seismic retrofit, making an accessible entrance, or legalizing a unit.

6. Print 2 legal size copies of the application

After you have completed the application, print 2 copies of the application on double-sided legal (8.5” by 14”) paper.

Bring it to the Permit Center when you submit your application.

Get help

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Last updated December 14, 2023