Fill out the School Facility Fee form

All building permit applications must fill out the School Facility Fee form.

What to do

Fill out the form

Upload the form with your building permit application or bring it to your appointment.

We will use this form to calculate the fee. You must pay this fee before you can get a permit.

Special cases

Residential projects less than 500 square feet

Residential projects less than 500 square feet

Small residential projects less than 500 square feet do not have to pay a fee. You must complete Form 100, but you do not need to complete Form 100A.

Other exemptions

Other exemptions

These other projects can apply for an exemption:

  • Purpose is to is to increase access for a severely and permanently disabled person
  • Reconstruction to the original state of a structure destroyed by natural disaster
  • Facilities used exclusively for religious purposes
  • Facilities used exclusively as a private full-time day school (only K-12)
  • Facilities owned and occupied by any federal, state, or local government agency
  • State-owned housing for migrant farm workers

Fill out Form 100A if you would like to request an exemption.

90-day protest policy

90-day protest policy

Applicants have 90 days to request a refund, submit a waiver, or protest the calculation of the fee. Read more here.

Find more information in the School Impaction Fee Administration IS-11.

Last updated November 14, 2022