File a complaint about City agencies or officials

You can submit a complaint about a San Francisco City department or official.

What to do

1. Fill out a form

Before submitting a complaint, we encourage you to resolve the issue directly with the relevant city agencies or officials.

To file a complaint or submit a suggestion for an investigation, you must fill out a complaint form and mail to the Civil Grand Jury office

For all complaints, tell us:

About you

  • Your name
  • Your contact information

About the event

  • Name of the City official or agency and their contact information
  • Name of the witness and their contact information, if you have it
  • Description of the event
  • The action you wish the Civil Grand Jury to take

All communications with the Civil Grand Jury are confidential, as are all its investigations.

We investigate operations of the officers, departments, and agencies of the City and County of San Francisco only. We do not have authority to investigate Federal or State officers or agencies, or the officers or agencies of other cities or counties. We cannot conduct criminal investigations, participate in lawsuits, or get involved in disputes between private parties.

2. Mail your form

Sign and date your completed form, and mail it to the Civil Grand Jury office.

Your mailing or email address is necessary if you want us to acknowledge your submission. 

We cannot respond to anonymous complaints if we are unable to contact you for additional information. 

Any exhibits or supporting documents submitted with this form will not be returned.

Civil Grand Jury

400 McAllister Street, Room 008
San Francisco, CA 94102
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3. Next step

We cannot confirm investigation of your complaint. All investigations remain confidential unless and until the Civil Grand Jury decides to issue a final public report.

A public report typically includes findings and recommendations to which the relevant governing agencies and elected officials must respond.

Get help

Civil Grand Jury

400 McAllister Street, Room 008
San Francisco, CA 94102

Last updated March 28, 2024