Draw your site plan for your Shared Space

Download our site plan template and design checklist.

What to do

1. Download our site plan template for parking lanes and draw your own for sidewalk use

For parklets and parking lanes 

You must use our site plan template.

You must draw your site plan to scale on this template.  

You can do that with a PDF Editor like Adobe Acrobat, or you can print it, draw on it, and scan it. 

You must upload a completed and signed version of the template and checklist with your application.

For sidewalk use 

You will draw your own site plan. It must include the dimensions of where you will put tables and chairs, or display merchandise.

You cannot draw site plans by hand. You must draw them in a computer program. 

Here are example site plans. See the one for the kind of permit you are applying for: 

2. Show your storefront on the template

Show your business and business frontage. Label where your business is. 

Label the sidewalk and street in front of your business.

3. Measure the dimensions of your sidewalk use or parklet

For the parking lane, measure the length, width, and height of your parklet. Write the measurements on the template.

If any of parklet will be in a neighboring space, show those dimensions, too. 

For sidewalk use, measure how much space you will use. Write the measurements on the plan.

Calculate how much square footage of sidewalk you will use for tables and chairs or display merchandise.

This is used to calculate your fees, and we will ask you this when you apply.  Fees are suspended until April 2022. 

4. Show any neighboring space

If the parklet will encroach at all past the property line, label your neighbor’s space. Add the names and street addresses of any neighboring ground floor businesses that face the street. 

5. Add all sidewalk obstructions

Draw any parking meters, bike racks, trees, and other obstructions on the sidewalk. 

6. Add these details

Draw an arrow in the direction of north on the template. 

Show the width of your sidewalk.

7. Review the design checklist

Your sidewalk use or parklet must follow all of our design guidelines. Review the checklist and check that your space meets the requirements.

8. Sign the PDF

You must sign the document.

You must upload a completed and signed site plan template and design checklist with your application.  

You can scan it or take a picture of it to upload with your application. 

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Last updated May 2, 2022