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What to do

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Choose from a list of organizations that represent a broad range of San Francisco needs. Read more about each organization below.

To donate in honor or memory of a person or event, include their name.

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City Administrator

Office of the City Administrator
City Hall
1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place
Room 362
San Francisco, CA 94102

To give by mail, enclose the mail-in form above. If you need a receipt, include a note asking for one with your donation form. Save a copy of your form for yourself. 

Funds to support

Disaster and Emergency Response and Recovery Fund

This fund helps San Francisco quickly respond to and recover from disaster and emergency events.

Donations to this fund provide housing for families and individuals, assistance for animals, and to replace or repair public buildings and infrastructure and other assets owned by the City of San Francisco damaged or rendered unusable as a result of a disaster or emergency.

Donate here today to Disaster and Emergency Response and Recovery Fund.


Mayor's Fund for the Homeless

This fund provides food, shelter and support services to homeless families and individuals, and those who are at risk of homelessness. 

Donations to this fund support outreach services, shelters, navigation centers, flexible housing assistance, and housing. It assists people in need finding long term housing and overcome barriers to employment.

Donate here today to the Mayor's Fund for the Homeless.


Laguna Honda Gift Fund

This fund enhances quality of life and independence of Laguna Honda residents, including seniors and adults with disabilities.

Donations to this fund provide music, celebrations, art classes, outings, special meals, newspapers, holiday gifts, and more, to support individual needs at the hospital.

Donate here today to the Laguna Honda Gift Fund.


Animal Care & Control Fund

This fund provides much-needed supplies and equipment at San Francisco Animal Care & Control (ACC) to care for over 10,000 animals per year. 

Donations to this fund provide toys, treats, beds, behavior training, and care for shelter animals during their stay at ACC. ACC is the only organization in SF that accepts and tries to place all animals, domestic and wild. ACC responds to all animal related emergencies to protect and assist humans and animals.

Donate here today to the Animal Care and Control Fund.


Kindergarten to College Fund (K2C)

This fund provides incentives to encourage students and families to save for college, delivers financial literacy lessons, rewards students for early academic performance, and offers program materials.

Donations to this fund provide each SFUSD kindergarten student a K2C account with an initial $50 deposit.

Donate here today to the Kindergarten to College Fund.


Neighborhood Beautification Fund (Community Challenge Grants Fund)

This fund provides grants for community-led projects to promote physical improvements and greening of public spaces, such as building gardens, mini-parks, and creating public art and other neighborhood amenities. 

The Neighborhood Beautification Fund, also known as the Community Challenge Grants Program (CCG), promotes community participation, stewardship, and responsibility by allowing groups to take lead in conducing small-scale improvements in their communities. 

Donate here today to the Community Challenge Grants Fund.


Recreation and Parks Gift Fund

This fund provides support to the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department's scholarship program to promote access to afterschool activities, camps and classes for kids, and senior programs. 

The Recreation and Parks Gift Fund helps promote active living and well-being for San Francisco. However, if you would like to support a specific park, project, or facility, please contract the Department's Partnerships Division.

Donate here today to the Recreation and Parks Gift Fund.


Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund

This fund provides financial support to local arts nonprofits for facilities maintenance, capital improvements, and equipment acquisition.

Since its inception in 1984, the Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund (VACF) has provided vital support to hundreds of arts organizations and their artistic programs by allowing property taxpayers to add a contribution to their tax bill.  

Donate here today to the the Voluntary Arts Contribution Fund.


Special cases

Donations over $1000

Donations over $1000

If you donate $1000 or more, we encourage you to mail a check. This avoids large credit card fees.


Donations over $10,000

Donations over $10,000

The Board of Supervisors must vote to approve donations of $10,000 or more. The department you are donating to can arrange this.

Donations from a corporation or association

Donations from a corporation or association

Email with the donor's name. We will thank them on a City website.

Important information about financial disclosure

Important information about financial disclosure

When you donate, you will be asked if you have a business relationship with the City of San Francisco. This might be a lease or contract. If you do, it’s important that you complete the form provided.

Why Give2SF?

Give2SF funds cover many City services and needs.

Donating through Give2SF is quick and efficient. It's a good way to donate after an earthquake or other disaster.

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Last updated February 15, 2024