Gift Fund

The Laguna Honda gift fund supports the quality of life and independence of Laguna Honda patients. The fund responds to patient needs that public funding cannot always address. Anyone can donate to the gift fund.

“Donate to Laguna Honda Hospital” by HEIDI-ALLETZHAUSER

More Information

Gift Fund at Work

  • Musical entertainment
  • Cultural celebrations
  • Special meals to celebrate holidays, birthdays, and anniversaries
  • Field trips to concerts, museums, sporting events, and movies
  • Newspaper and periodical subscriptions
  • Sundries and other personal necessities

Additional Assistance

  • Donate via the City’s donation portal, Give2SF, linked above and here.
  • For major gifts, including equity assets, contact the Laguna Honda Chief Financial Officer at 415-759-2300.
  • Mail regarding gifts can be sent to the following address:
    • Laguna Honda Gift Fund
    • Attn: Chief Financial Officer
    • 375 Laguna Honda Blvd.
    • San Francisco, CA 94116

Gift Fund Reporting

  • Gift fund donations are spent exclusively on Laguna Honda patients.
  • The fund is managed according to guidelines from the City Controller’s Office.
  • Quarterly reports to the Health Commission are publicly available.

Donors & Donation Information