About us

Open Air Markets

We manage operations at 3 Open Air Markets:

  • Alemany Farmers Market
  • Alemany Flea Market
  • UN Plaza Gift Gallery 

Custodial services and property management

We provide custodial and engineering services for some City departments. We also provide property management services to City-owned buildings:

  • City Hall
  • 1 South Van Ness Avenue
  • 25 Van Ness Avenue
  • 30 Van Ness Avenue
  • 1640 to 1680 Mission Street
  • Hall of Justice 
  • 555 7th Street


We complete market value appraisals or analysis of real property considered for City sale, development, or acquisition. We act as a real estate consultant to Departments, the Mayor, and the Board of Supervisors.

We are proud to be a leader in advancing the City's Climate Action Plan through a variety of initiatives.