About us

Our mission

The mission of the Mayor’s Office on Disability is to ensure that every program, service, benefit, activity and facility operated or funded by the City and County of San Francisco is fully accessible to, and useable by, people with disabilities.

We oversee the implementation and local enforcement of the City and County of San Francisco's obligations under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as well as other federal, state and local access codes and disability rights laws.

Our programs

Architectural Access

  • ADA Transition Plan: Project development and management
  • Quality Control: Plan review, project approval, and inspection services
  • Policy, design guides, and code development
  • Training and guidance for architects and recreation planners

Programmatic Access

  • ADA Grievance Procedure
  • Effective communication
  • Training and guidance for Departmental ADA Coordinators
  • Public information, outreach, and education
  • Program policy development and legislative initiatives

Disaster Planning for People with Disabilities

  • Community based planning and engagement
  • Emergency plan development with DEM
  • Disability expertise integrated into the Incident Command System
  • Evacuation Chair installation and training program

Mayor’s Disability Council

  • Provides policy guidance to the Mayor and Board of Supervisors
  • Creates a public forum for the disability community
  • Venue to vet major City projects and initiatives