About us

Our mission

We work to increase access to quality gender-affirming health care for underserved transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive people in San Francisco, regardless of immigration status or level of income.

Our values

We are committed to:

  • Peer-led, compassionate, whole-person care.
  • Reducing harm
  • Investing in the community
  • Wellness
  • Advocacy
  • Social justice

Our history

Gender Health SF started within the San Francisco Department of Public Health to help eligible uninsured and publicly insured transgender, nonbinary, and intersex residents access:

  • gender-affirming surgeries,
  • education, and 
  • preparation services

The incredible work of community advocates led to this expanded care.

How we got here

July 2012

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted resolution number 288-12.

It encouraged the public health department to make sure it offered medically necessary gender transition-related care.

November 2012

The San Francisco Health Commission:

  • Approved the creation of Gender Health SF to manage access and peer-led navigation services for gender-affirming surgeries within the San Francisco Health Network and community clinic consortium.
  • Stopped excluding “transgender surgery” as a service within the Healthy San Francisco program.
  • Gender dysphoria or gender incongruence are currently used as a clinical indication for surgical intervention and treatment.

How we work 

All patients referred to Gender Health SF for gender-affirming surgery get connected to a peer patient navigator.

These peers monitor patient care from the point of referral to post-op surgical care and follow-up.

To learn more about how we work, view our informational video.