Mediation Division

Our team offers mediation when there's a complaint about policing.


Our goal is to help improve the relationship between the community and the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD). We foster conversations where the parties are free to present their perspective on an interaction that has resulted in a complaint. 

Mediation is an alternative to investigating a complaint. It's voluntary for the person making the complaint and the officer.
The goals of mediation are: 

  1. For you and the officer to understand each other’s point of view
  2. To learn whether we should recommend a change in police policy

Mediation is confidential and settlement agreements aren't required.


DPA’s mediators are unpaid volunteers that have achieved an Applied Behavior Certification and/or 40-hr mediator training certification.

Our mediators are trained and experienced in helping people resolve their differences in a constructive manner. Because mediation is voluntary, there is a greater chance that the parties genuinely want to resolve the problem in a mutually agreeable fashion.

We have 130 mediators who come from a variety of backgrounds, with experience mediating a range of issues. Each mediator is dedicated to the ethical principles of mediation as they work to build the parties’ trust and to make sure that the process is fair.

Eligible cases

A case can go to mediation only if it’s for:

  1. Conduct Unbecoming an Officer (like inappropriate behavior or comments)
  2. Unwarranted Action (like arresting a person without cause)
  3. Neglect of Duty (like failure to write an Incident Report)

You may request mediation when you file a complaint. Or your case may be referred to us by DPA’s investigation team.

Language access

Interpreting Services and American Sign Language are available for deaf and hard of hearing as well Limited English proficient (LEP) speakers over telephone, video, or in person.


Our brochures and information are available in the following languages: 









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