About us

Mission and responsibilities

Our mission is to conduct free, fair, and functional elections in San Francisco and to provide equitable access to voting services. A wide range of federal, state, and local laws guide our work.  

For every election, we complete these tasks:

  • Oversee local candidate and ballot measure form filings.
  • Produce ballots and the Voter Information Pamphlet.
  • Send vote-by-mail ballots to local voters.
  • Recruit and train thousands of poll workers for Election Day.
  • Provide registration and early voting at the City Hall Voting Center.
  • Locate and staff hundreds of polling places for Election Day.
  • Collect and process all voted ballots.
  • Report election results.
  • Conduct an official canvass (audit) of election results.

We work on some tasks throughout the year:

  • Maintain accurate voter records for about 500,000 voters.
  • Develop accessible and multilingual election resources.
  • Provide outreach to local residents. 

Our processes are transparent. Anyone is welcome to view our live streams or to come observe our processes in person.

We value community feedback on our services

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