Our mission

The Commission on the Status of Women promotes fair treatment and fosters the advancement of women and girls throughout San Francisco. We do this through

  • policies
  • legislation
  • City and County government programs
  • programs in the private sector that focus on populations in need

Our programs

The Commission uses a human rights framework to guide its policies and programs.

Programs have included:

  • workplace equality
  • equality in City budgets and programs
  • promoting women in leadership roles
  • ending violence against women
  • women’s health needs

Our history

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors established the Commission in 1975 after years of advocacy on the part of the San Francisco women's community.

In 1994, San Francisco voters approved Proposition E. Proposition E created the Department on the Status of Women to carry out the policies of the Commission.

Our Commissioners

The Commission has 7 people. They are appointed by the Mayor and serve 4 year terms. Those terms may be renewed.