Behavioral Health Commission

(Formerly known as Mental Health Board)


Monthly Meeting Schedule

  • BHC Rules and Reports Committee: 3rd Thursday at 5pm
  • BHC Meeting: 3rd Thursday at 6pm
  • BHC Site Visit Committee: 2nd Tuesday at 2pm
  • BHC Implementation Committee: 2nd Tuesday at 3pm 
  • BHC Executive Committee: 2nd Tuesday at 4pm 

Meeting Archives

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Mental Health Services If you need mental health services, please call 255-3737 or 1-888-246-3333 at any time. Additional Site: Citizens advising their Board of Supervisors and their Mental Health Director about: Funding - How to allocate funding in the most humane and effective way possible. Services - How to make sure mental health services are available for all


BHC Staff Consult: Geoffrey Grier
BHC Staff: Amber Gray

Current BHC Members:

  • Kescha S. Mason (she/her) Co-Chair
  • Liza Murawski (she/her) Co-Chair
  • Lisa Wynn (she/her) Vice-chair 
  • Lisa Williams, Secretary (she/her)
  • Harriette S. Stevens (she/her)
  • Carletta Jackson-Lane (she/her)
  • Bahlam Javier Vigil, (they/them)
  • Genesis Vasconez, (she/her)
  • Stephen Banuelos, (him/his)
  • Peter Murphy (him/his)
  • Alex Humphrey (him/his)


101 Grove Street, Room 309
San Francisco, CA 94102
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