Overdose-related 911 calls

Overdose-related 911 calls in San Francisco by week.

San Francisco first responders often respond to and reverse unintentional opioid drug overdoses across the city. The San Francisco Department of Public Health closely monitors these data so we may quickly respond to emergent overdose trends. 

The line chart below shows the number of overdose-related 911 calls that Emergency Medical Services (EMS) respond to in San Francisco by week.

Data notes and sources

Data notes and sources

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  • San Francisco Fire Department and other ambulance companies are included in the data. 

  • This chart does not represent all opioid overdoses in San Francisco, as many overdoses (approximately 50% based on historical data) are responded to by community members who may not call 911 for help.

  • We use standard criteria to identify opioid overdose-related 911 calls included in the data. You can read more about the data sources and criteria used to identify these calls here. This dataset does not include people who were deceased by the time EMS arrived. 

  • These data will be updated as soon as a new dataset is provided by the State.