Cleaner sidewalks and streets in the Tenderloin

Data trends in sidewalk cleaning and waste removal in the Tenderloin


Keeping our streets and public spaces clean and safe is important to everyone’s safety and the vibrancy of the neighborhood. 311 reports now offer expedited communication for City partners to quickly address requests for cleaning during all hours of the day.

Cleaning requests

Public Works receives most cleaning requests through San Francisco 311 (SF311), the City's customer service center. Public Works has a goal of responding to 95 percent of street and sidewalk cleaning requests within 48 hours. Street and sidewalk cleanliness affects the aesthetics, health, and safety of San Francisco. Excessive litter and or debris can also block storm drains and cause flooding.

Public Works dispatches litter patrols for small items and steamer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Recology - the City's waste management vendor - is primarily responsible for removing large items since July 2013. Public Works dispatches additional packer trucks to remove large items in some cases.

The following chart shows the number of new service requests opened through SF311 for street and sidewalk cleaning and bulky items. It also shows the percent of those requests closed within 48 hours.

Results are summarized by week. Each week is represented by an operational period, which begins on Monday and ends the following Sunday.

Data notes and sources

Data notes and sources

"Street and sidewalk cleaning” includes all subcategories of street and sidewalk cleaning service requests except for: missed trash collection, missed street sweeping, bulky items, and Christmas trees.

“Bulky items” only includes the subcategories for bulky items and Christmas trees.

Data comes from SF311, the San Francisco customer service center. This dashboard includes records attributed to the Tenderloin neighborhood since December 13, 2021.  

The Tenderloin Emergency Initiative uses a custom boundary to define the Tenderloin neighborhood. This area is based on the Police Department’s Tenderloin district and adds a one-block radius to those boundaries. This custom boundary may include records in the Northern, Central, and Southern police districts.

Waste removed

Public Works cleans priority streets in the Tenderloin every morning. Crews remove litter, waste, and large abandoned items. The following dashboard shows the total amount of waste removed by Public Works crews each week, measured in tons.

The amount of waste should decrease over time if City efforts are successful and the cleaning services remain constant.

The following chart shows the total amount of waste, debris, and litter removed from the Tenderloin neighborhood by San Francisco Public Works.

Data notes and sources

Data notes and sources

San Francisco Public Works monitors the total tons of waste removed from the Tenderloin neighborhood. This information is submitted to the Department of Emergency Management every Monday, summarized for the previous week.

This dashboard represents initial data that is under review and may change. As data is reviewed and confirmed, the measurements will be added to the dashboard.