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Who we are


The mission of the Office of Public Finance (OPF) is to provide and manage low-cost debt financing of large-scale, long-term capital projects and improvements that produce social and economic benefit to the City and its citizens while balancing market and credit risk with appropriate benefits, mitigations and controls.


1. Maintain cost-effective access to the capital markets with prudent policies.


2. Maintain moderate debt and debt service levels with effective planning and coordination with City departments.


3. Meet significant capital demands through debt financing and alternate financing mechanisms such as public/private partnerships.


4. Achieve the highest practical credit rating.

Summary of Types of Debt

The Office of Public Finance utilizes five principal types of municipal debt obligations to finance long-term capital projects and the acquisition of select equipment:

  • certificates of participation

  • general obligation bonds

  • lease revenue bonds

  • special tax bonds

  • tax increment revenue bonds


Debt Policy

Debt Policy

This Debt Policy of the City and County of San Francisco, established by the Controller’s Office of Public Finance, summarizes the City's existing debt polices and formally establishes them for all future debt issuances. From time to time, the Controller’s Office of Public Finance may deviate from policies herein. 

Investment Policy

Investment Policy

The management of the City's surplus cash is governed by an Investment Policy administered by the City Treasurer.

For information on the City's Investment Policy, the Investment Report and the Annual Report, please visit the Office of the Treasurer & Tax Collector's Investment Report Webpage.

Note: This page does not provide information in connection with bonds, notes, and other securities issued by the City and County of San Francisco and should not be relied upon in that respect.

Local Goals & Policies for Community Facilities Districts

Local Goals & Policies for Community Facilities Districts

Contact City Issuers

The Office of Public Finance is a division within the City & County of San Francisco Controller's Office.

To contact OPF, please call (415) 554-7500 or send an email (controller@sfgov.org).

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