Check your property’s historic resource status

Every building has a historic resource category. The category of your property affects what processes you must follow.

What to do

If any part of your proposed work is visible from the street, City planners will review the project. We need to make sure it protects the City’s historic resources.

Find your property’s historic resource status.

Check in the Property Information Map.

Search with your address or block and lot number.

Look in the Historic Preservation section.

Properties are categorized as:

  • A: It is an Historical Resource. This means the building or the neighborhood is historic.
  • A*: It is a Historical Resource because the building or neighborhood is listed in Article 10 or Article 11 of the Planning Code.
  • B: Unknown
  • C: Not an Historical Resource

Category C properties

If your property is category C, you do not need any historic preservation review.

Category B properties

Most properties in San Francisco are category B. 

If your property is category B and you’re changing the front façade, your building permit application may trigger a Historic Resource Review as part of the Department’s Environmental Review.

Before you file a permit, you can file a Historic Resource Review to determine whether the property is a category A or C.

Category A properties

If your property is category A, visit the Planning Information Counter at the San Francisco Permit Center or email your scope of work to the Planning Information Counter at, so we can advise you on your project.

If a property is category A*, the property may also have an Article 10 or Article 11 designation. These require additional review procedures.

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Last updated December 7, 2023