Check what you need for Cannabis Permit Part 1

Information you will need or upload to the initial Cannabis Business Permit application.

What to do

Only Equity Applicants, Equity Incubators, or preexisting cannabis businesses can apply for a permit now.

The Office of Cannabis will send you a link to the form, if you are eligible.

In the form, we will ask you for the following.

Proof you can operate at your location

  • A letter of intent, your lease, or your deed
  • Letter from your landlord that gives explicit authorization for your intended cannabis activities. Attached is a fillable PDF template of compliant language to meet this requirement. Please review the template and consider using the provided language, with the signature of your landlord or their authorized representative included. 
  • Your landlord's contact information

Business information

  • Location Identification Number
  • Business Account Number

Business structure

  • Business documents from the applicant entity
  • Business documents from other investing businesses, if applicable
  • Formation documents (like statement of information or articles of organization)
  • Operating agreements (for LLCs)
  • Bylaws (for C corporations)
  • Equity Incubation agreement, if applicable


Other permits, if applicable

  • Local permits
  • State licenses
  • Specific authorizations (like consumption permits)

After you apply

The Office of Cannabis will check your proposed location and your owners’ backgrounds.

Special cases

Storefront retail with consumption

Storefront retail with consumption

You have to build out different features depending on how much you will prepare your products. 

Get a consultation for your cannabis consumption lounge plans.

Last updated December 27, 2023