Check neighborhood development processes

Your project must meet City requirements that keep neighborhoods livable.

What to do

Planning Project Application (PRJ)

If your project requires neighborhood notification or a Planning land use entitlement, you must also fill out a Project Application (PRJ). A land use entitlement is something like a Variance or Conditional Use Authorization.

Download the PRJ and fill it out. Upload it with all required documents with your building permit application. 

Land use entitlement

If your project also requires a land use entitlement, file the PRJ and entitlement application form in the San Francisco Planning Department Public Portal

You can also email

Design review

All projects reviewed by the Planning Department must follow adopted Design Guidelines. 

Residentially-zoned properties must follow the Residential Design Guidelines. Properties in other zoning districts must follow the Urban Design Guidelines. Some properties have neighborhood specific design guidelines.

Find design guidelines in the zoning tab in the Property Information Map (PIM).

Shadow analysis

If your project will raise the height of your property to above 40 feet, it may trigger a shadow analysis. 

See our instructions about Shadow Analysis procedures and scope requirements


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Last updated September 24, 2020