Shape Up SF Capacity Building Action Team (CBAT)

Shape Up SF formed the Capacity Building Action Team (CBAT) in 2018. CBAT’s mission is to advance health equity through mutual learning and capacity building that leads to systemic changes for healthy eating/active living-focused nonprofits and funders.

Capacity Building Mini Grants

Purpose of CBAT Mini Grants

Grants for capacity building typically support infrastructure or administrative expenses, rather than programmatic expenses. Examples include:

  • technology upgrades
  • coaching
  • accounting help
  • strategic planning
  • board coaching
  • leadership training, etc.

Who is eligible?

Organizations must meet ALL criteria to apply.

  1. Organizations must have a focus on healthy eating and/or active living
  2. Organizations must be based or provide services in San Francisco
  3. Organizations must have a budget of less than $600,000 a year
  4. Organizations must have leadership (board and/or staff) from the communities they serve
  5. Organizations must be a 501c3 or fiscally sponsored by a 501c3.
  6. Organizations who received a grant from Shape Up SF in the last 3 years are not eligible to apply


If funded, grantees are expected to: 

  1. Attend Shape Up SF Coalition quarterly meetings
  2. Participate in Shape Up SF’s learning community
  3. Participate in evaluation

Capacity Building Cohort

If you are a small or grassroots nonprofit in SF with a focus on Healthy Eating and Active Living, join us for a series of collaborative trainings focused on capacity building. This program will take place August-September 2024.

Topics may include:

  • Fundraising
  • Board Governance
  • Communications
  • Workplace Wellness, and more. 

Contact David at for more info or to sign up.

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2024 Mini Grants

Shape Up SF will issue its 4th round of capacity building mini grants in the fall of 2024. Sign up for our newsletter to get updates on the application and deadline.

CBAT Resources

Decolonizing the Food System Webinar

Decolonizing the Food System Webinar

On May 8, 2023, Shape Up SF and the SFDPH Healthy Eating Active Living (HEAL) Team convened a virtual conversation with this diverse panel of experts and food advocates who will share their unique perspectives and offer insights into how we may decolonize the food system.

Moderated by Shakirah Simley

Panelists: Dr. Rupa Marya, Esperanza Pallana, Anjali Prasertong

Watch the webinar or view the slidesRead the notes with resources from the webinar.

Embodied Self-Care

Embodied Self-Care

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month in May and June of 2023, Shape Up SF hosted a 2-part virtual series to create a culture of self-care for both personal and professional landscapes. Feelings of being overworked, stressed out, and overwhelmed have become normalized, leading to increasing numbers of people experiencing burnout and toxic stress. Over time, this can increase the risk for chronic diseases. The Embodied Self-Care series shares simple, accessible tools that can foster a self-care practice to increase opportunities to experience ease, a boosted immune system, and an overall feeling of wellness and joy.

What will you learn from this series?

  • Awareness of the mechanics behind the Mind-Body Connection
  • Holistic methods to ease anxiety & depression
  • Embodied practices to incorporate into your daily routine
  • Simple tools to support self-care practices in both your personal and professional life


The Sweet Spot: Leveraging the SF Soda Tax to Advance Health Equity

The Sweet Spot: Leveraging the SF Soda Tax to Advance Health Equity

On June 20, 2019,  Shape Up SF and Northern California Grantmakers’ Bay Area Health Funders Group co-hosted a conversation with nonprofits and funders to strategize how San Francisco can be a leader in health equity and healthy eating active living programs by further supporting agencies who will likely be applying for funding through the Sugary Drinks Distributor Tax.

While the new public funds offer new opportunities to support healthy eating/active living, private philanthropy can play an important role in ensuring that the nonprofits implementing them are set up for success. Capacity building support can help nonprofits develop new and strengthen existing high-quality programs for residents, and continue their engagement in policy and systems change work that can impact the root causes of health inequities.

The purpose of the meeting was to start a dialogue with private philanthropy about their role in supporting chronic disease prevention in innovative new ways. We wanted to hear from organizations that are on the ground, doing vital work to improve the health of some of our most vulnerable populations; and how they think funders can help build agency capacity to increase the impact and sustainability for the health of the communities you serve in San Francisco.

Meeting Materials: Program |  Notes |  Evaluation Summary

Current CBAT Mini Grantees

Current CBAT Mini Grantees
  1. PUSH
  2. Fa'atasi Youth Services
  3. Loyal Butterflies 
  4. Food and Agriculture Action Coalition Toward Sovereignty (FAACTS)

Past CBAT Mini Grantees

Past CBAT Mini Grantees
  • Girls Leading Girls is the first ever all girls organization with all women coaches. Their mission is to train girls to be leaders through soccer. Girls Leading Girls was one of 5 recipients in 2020 and received $7,091 to increase training for staff, coaches and board members.
  • WISE Health was founded in 2015 to work with organizations to design, implement, and evaluate solutions to major public health issues. Their mission is to spark innovative solutions and strategies to engage healthy communities and they were one of 5 recipients in 2020 and received $7,091 to reduce the cost of off-site printing and sustain the production they purchased a printer, ink, and other marketing items.
  • IT Bookman Community Center’s mission is to implement quality, service-enriched activities and programs that address food security, aging in place, health disparities, barrier removal, physical fitness, diet, and social engagement.  They were one of 5 recipients in 2020 and received $7,091 to hire financial account consultants to assist in completing Federal and State Taxes, as well as building out a solid financial model and financial documents needed in garnering grants, loans and sponsors (both individual and corporate). IT Bookman Community Center reapplied in 2022 and received $10,000 to continue this work for financial infrastructure for organizational stability and growth.
  • KEEN SF‘s mission is to empower youth with disabilities and impact volunteer coaches through participation in free, non-competitive, one-on-one programs of physical activity and fun, supporting the overall health and well-being of all participants. KEEN SF was one of 5 recipients in 2020 and received $7,091 to develop and enhance KEEN Connections (and train volunteer mentors) to ensure support for families and special needs kids during Covid-19.
  • Friends of Alemany Farm was one of 5 recipients in 2020 and received $7,091 to hire a consultant to support the organization throughout the process of updating its mission, vision and governing structure.
  • Life After Next’s mission is to empower the formerly incarcerated, transitional age youth and system impacted individuals with the tools to champion their next life. Life After Next offers wrap-around Holistic Reentry Services for individuals returning home from incarceration. As a part of our programs, we will have a variety of classes/workshops focused on living a healthy lifestyle. They received a $10,000 mini-grant in 2022 to purchase technology and equipment to provide the best nutritional and culinary classes that will include easy access to virtual assistance to members when needed.
  • Northridge Co-op Homes CommUNITY Garden’s mission is to provide opportunities for our youth and young adults to work together cooperatively, in a safe setting and learn how to grow, distribute and use fresh, healthy produce from soil to table. In 10 years, they’ve grown and distributed nearly 3.5 tons of produce, mostly free of charge to their 300 residents and nearby neighbors. Northridge received a $10,000 mini-grant in 2022 to fund leadership training and strategic planning.

Check out these CBAT training, resources, and webinars. 

Sugar & Decoloniality with Dr. Amber McZeal

In 2023, Shape Up SF and SFDPH Healthy Eating Active Living Team co-hosted a 4-part series to delve deeper into WHY decolonizing sugar matters and HOW we may undo the impacts of coloniality on our communities experiencing the greatest health disparities.

“Dr. McZeal” by Fox Nakai, CC BY


SUSF formed the Capacity Building Action Team (CBAT) in 2018.

CBAT’s Mission:

To advance health equity through mutual learning and capacity building that leads to systemic changes for healthy eating/active living-focused nonprofits and funders.

CBAT Strategies:

  • offering mini-grants
  • offering free training and learning opportunities
  • organizing convenings with healthy eating/active living-focused nonprofits and funders for sustainable growth and impact
  • networking and resource sharing