Educational Resources

Learn more about cannabis business classes and other aid available in the Bay Area.

Want to learn more about cannabis?

City College Cannabis Studies, Associate Arts Degree

Cost: Free if you live in SF

The Cannabis Studies Major focuses on:

  • Cannabis and its cultural, institutional, and social background
  • How cannabis and its users have been viewed

Contact City College for more information about this degree, including costs.

City Extension Cannabis Program

Cost: Depends on the workshop

Workshops offered in the past have included:

  • Cannabis 101
  • Introduction to Cannabis Financing and Taxation

These professional development programs are frequently updated and new programs are added.

Find out more about the programs and their cost.

Oaksterdam University

Cost: $150 and up

Oaksterdam University offers in-person and online classes. Previous classes include:

  • Business of Cannabis
  • Horticulture

Contact the University for more information on courses and costs.


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