Cancel your reservation at the Fulton Plaza Gift Gallery

If you're a vendor and you can’t go to a market day you reserved, here's what to do.

What to do

If you can’t go to a market day you reserved, call us by 1 pm the day before. If no one answers, just leave a message.


UN Plaza Gift Gallery Market Hotline

If you cancel in time, you will get a credit for the day you paid for. 

If you don't cancel in time, you will: 

  • Lose the money you paid for the reservation

Other cancellation information

Bad weather

If we cancel the market because of bad weather, you’ll get a credit for that day. It will go toward your next month’s fees. 

Repeat cancellations

If you have an assigned stall and don’t come to the market often enough, we may give your stall to another vendor. This may happen if you miss the market either:

  • 7 or more weeks in a row
  • 13 or more times in 1 year

Get help


Fulton Plaza Gift Gallery Hotline

Get information about weather cancellations or events

Leave a message to reserve a vendor stall or cancel a reservation

Last updated August 24, 2023