Apply for a title change on your MOHCD-supported home

For MOHCD program homeowners who want to change the title of their home.

What to do

Gather the required documents

  • Title change request letter, dated and signed by all titleholders
  • Proof of residency for the person who is being added or removed from the title
    • Such as current driver license, government ID, paystub, current utility bill, or current lease
  • Proof of title change
    • For addition: Marriage certificate or state domestic partnership registration
    • For removal: Death certificate, divorce decree, dissolution of marriage decree, or dissolution of state domestic partnership decree
    • For transfer to revocable living trust: Draft trust document, certification of Trust Authority and Power. Please see Title Transfer to Living Trust Policy for additional information.
  • Draft of the Grant Deed, showing how the new title should be held
  • Any other documents to support the title change

Upload your documents securely

If you are unable to send in your documents online, you can mail your application to:

Mayor’s Office of Housing and Community Development
Attn: Loan Servicing
1 South Van Ness Ave., 5th Floor
San Francisco, CA  94103

After you request a title change

  • Due to an increase in volume, MOHCD may take 90 business days or more to process a complete title change package. MOHCD is prioritizing title change requests that are related to a refinance transaction.
  • We may ask for additional documents.
  • We reserve the right to deny a title change request.

Last updated November 15, 2022