Apply for a refuse collection permit to operate a federal facility

Get a Refuse Collection Permit to collect refuse in federal facilities in San Francisco.

What to do

1. Complete an application

Download and fill out the application.

2. Make sure you qualify

You need to meet the requirements in Section II of Regulations for permitting refuse collection facilities in San Francisco.

Make sure you demonstrate the ability to secure a Performance Bond and an Insurance Certificate. You will need to submit the actual documents before you start operating. Learn more in the Regulations, Section II.C.2.b and Section II.C.2.c.

3. Submit your application materials

Gather your materials and email them to

4. Pay the fee

Check the fee schedule for the exact amount. Pay the application fee with a credit card or check made out to "San Francisco Department of Public Health".

The application fee covers 3 hours of application review time. Additional review time will be billed at the current hourly rate.

Department of Public Health

Solid Waste
Permit Center
49 South Van Ness
2nd floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Next steps

After you submit the application

You can ask for a meeting within 5 days of submitting your application. We will determine if your application is complete within 15 days of getting the application. If your application is not complete, you have 5 days to fix the issues and resubmit your application.

Public notice and hearing

After your application is complete, we will publish a public notice for 2 days. We will bill you for the cost of publishing the notice. The notice will give the option for a public hearing.

Final action

Within 30 days of the public hearing (if requested) or notice of completed application, we will issue or deny the permit.

Before you start operation, you will need to get a Refuse Collection Truck Permit to operate a refuse truck.

Last updated April 18, 2024