Apply for a plumbing and mechanical permit

See when you need a plumbing or mechanical permit. Registered contractors can get permits online.

What to do

Log into the Plumbing Permitting and Inspection Scheduling system

If you don’t have an account, you can create one by registering with the City of San Francisco as a licensed contractor.

The system will only show you permits that you can obtain with your trade license. 

The application will ask you about your planned plumbing or mechanical work. You can pay and immediately get your permit online.



Download, complete, and print the applications

We’ll also have paper copies of the applications in our office. 

Department of Building Inspection

Permit Services
49 South Van Ness
2nd floor
San Francisco, CA 94103

Sign into the building before 3:30 pm so we can see you the same day. 

Special cases

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters

Tankless water heaters require backflow prevention assemblies. We will ask you about the assemblies when you apply for a plumbing permit.

Backflow prevention assemblies are part of San Francisco’s annual cross-connection control program. Learn more about cross-connection control.



Only owner-installers of stand-alone single family dwellings may apply for a plumbing or mechanical permit to do the work themselves. Check your home’s official status in the Assessor’s map.

If you cannot demonstrate that you can do the work safely, you will need to hire a licensed contractor.

  1. Complete the Plumbing Permit Application Worksheet for plumbing, gas, and water work. Complete the Mechanical Permit Application Worksheet for furnace and air conditioning (temperature changing) work. Mark that you are a homeowner.
  2. Email the application to You will also need to attach documents proving you are the homeowner.
  3. We will forward the application to a DBI plumbing inspector. They will schedule a call to discuss details of your planned work. 

Before covering pipes, you must have it inspected.

Get help

For issues with the online permit system


For general permitting questions

Last updated January 26, 2023