Appeal your Order of Abatement for a code violation

You have 15 days to file an appeal to the Abatement Appeals Board about a building or housing code violation.

What to do

1. Complete and print the PDF application

Follow the instructions on the first page.

We will ask you:

  • The type of appeal you want to file
  • Identifying info about your case (we will add the appeal number later)
  • Date of your Director’s Hearing
  • Property address, with numbers of units and guest rooms
  • The decision you are appealing
  • Why you are appealing the decision
  • About the permitting and construction work related to the violations
  • Your previous experience owning or working on properties in SF

If you are filing an appeal after the 15 day deadline, we will ask you additional questions about the delay.


2. Give us your application, documents, and payment


  • Appeal PDF application
  • Proof of why the Order of Abatement decision should be reversed
  • Payment - if using check or money order, make it payable to “SF Department of Building Inspection” or “CCSF_DBI”

You can mail the package or drop it off in person.

Department of Building Inspection

Abatement Appeals Board
49 South Van Ness
Suite 400
San Francisco, CA 94103

After you apply

Once we approve the appeal and process the payment, we will call you with your appeal hearing information. Abatement Appeals Board meetings take place on the third Wednesday of every month.

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Last updated September 27, 2023