Mayor London N. Breed on the Passage of Prop E to Improve Safety

March 06, 2024

San Francisco, CA – Today, Mayor London N. Breed released the following statement about the passage of Proposition E, which she placed on the ballot to put SFPD officers in position to better serve our communities.  

Prop E does three things:   

  • Gives police officers access to 21st century technology and tools to do their jobs.    
  • Changes rules to get more officers out on the street and pursue criminals.    
  • Prevents the City’s Police Commission from prioritizing ideology before community safety.    

“I am grateful to the voters for their passage of Proposition E, which will allow us to build on the progress we are delivering on public safety in San Francisco. By supporting the work of our police officers, expanding our use of technology and getting officers out from behind their desks and onto our streets, we will continue in our mission to make San Francisco a safer city. We have made significant changes around public safety in the City from better strategies and more tools for local law enforcement to bringing in state and federal partners to shut down our open-air drug markets. Those changes are making a real difference in our neighborhoods and across our entire City. 2023 was our lowest year for crime rates in a decade, and so far in 2024 crime is down even more.  With Prop E in place, we will be able to do even more to build on these changes and support our residents, businesses, workers, and visitors.” 

Once Prop E is certified, the San Francisco Police Department can begin to implement these changes. The Mayor’s Office will work with the Department to implement these policies quickly.  

February 2024 Trends: Crime Remains Down 

San Francisco crime trends continued this positive momentum. Compared to February 2023: 

  • Property crime is down 29% 
  • Violent crime is down 17% 

The February reductions in crime are broad-based, with declines in robbery, motor vehicle theft, larceny theft (including car-break-ins), assaults and more. Examples include:  

  • 37% reduction in larceny theft (includes car break-ins and retail theft) 
  • 20% reduction in robberies 
  • 14% reduction in burglaries 
  • No homicides in San Francisco this month 

Last Six Months: Both Property Crime and Violent Crime Down 

These trends are part of a significant reduction over the last six months in San Francisco. Since September 1, compared to the same time period from the previous year: 

  • Property crime is down 30% 
  • Violent crime is down 4 % 

These efforts reflect the work of local law enforcement, including the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), the San Francisco Sheriff’s Office, alongside their state and federal partners at the California Highway Patrol, California National Guard, and the Drug Enforcement Agency. 

The San Francisco District Attorney and U.S. Attorney’s Office continue to aggressively prosecute cases, including drug crimes.   

This data is publicly available on SFPD’s Crime Data Dashboard

In 2023, overall crime was at its lowest point in the last ten years, other than in 2020 when San Francisco and the region was mostly shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic.