San Francisco: Skip the Flu. Get the Flu Shot.

Video transcript

If you take a flu shot you won't get sick.

If I gave it to my family then they could give it to other people and a  bunch of people could get sick. 

You get a lollipop after.

I’m being really bossy to you because you have to do it.

Aren't we dealing with enough of COVID-19.

If mom has the flu she can't go to work and make money.

You have to suck it up and do it because it will only hurt for a second.

It only hurts the tiny bits.

It puts superheroes in your arms to  help you get better, sort of, you know.

One, two, three boom you're done.

They like do something to help but like I don't know.

People get your flu shot.

If you don't have it well something bad could happen.

You have to go get your flu shot or else.

Don't be scared just get it and be brave.