Mayor's Office on Disability

The Mayor’s Officer on Disability assists City departments in making all programs, services, benefits, activities, and facilities owned, operated, or funded by the City and County of San Francisco accessible to and useable by individuals with disabilities.

Mayor’s Office on Disability is moving

The Mayor’s Office on Disability (MOD) Offices are moving! Beginning on May 16, 2024, MOD will no longer be located at 1155 Market Street, 1st floor, San Francisco.

Effective May 20, 2024, MOD’s offices will be at 1455 Market Street, 8th floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. Phone: 415-554-0670.

A group of people with disabilities. One person is standing, three people are sitting on a bench, and one person is sitting on a wheelchair.
General Disability Resources

Includes topics like transportation, building access, disability rights, support for families, and legal resources.


The Mayor's Office on Disability was established in 1998. It was designated as the City’s overall ADA Coordinator. We currently have 6 full time employees, all with extensive experience and knowledge of civil rights laws and architectural access standards.

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Deborah Kaplan
Deputy Director of Programmatic Access
John Finnegan
Senior Building Inspector and Access Compliance Office
John Koste
Office Manager
Helen Smolinski
Grievance and Housing Initiative Coordinator


Mayor's Office on Disability

1155 Market St. 1st Floor
San Francisco, CA 94103
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Main Office


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