Department of Building Inspection Customer Communication

DBI Update – Permit payment improvement and PUC programs plan review
May 28, 2024

Dear Customers,

Good news! Starting today, Tuesday May 28, anyone can pay for a building permit regardless of whether they are officially associated with the project. Though an infrequent issue, this change removes an obstacle that has delayed permit issuance for some applicants when a person tried to submit payment on behalf of a friend, family member or colleague. 

That’s not the only change coming to pass in the next week. On June 1, the SF Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) will be enhancing transparency around their plan review by creating a new permitting station for In-House Review building permit applications to determine if the project needs to comply with any SFPUC programs.

Though the SFPUC has long conducted this program review, it occurred outside the normal permit review routing process after submittal of a SFPUC Checklist. By creating a new station for the SFPUC’s program review, applicants will be informed earlier of any potential program compliance requirements and be provided a contact should they need assistance.

The program review will occur concurrently with the other existing plan review so it is not expected to delay the overall review or issuance of your permit. Over-the-Counter (OTC) permits will not need to complete this step.

You will still submit a SFPUC Checklist with your application and Capacity Charges will continue to appear in the Permit Tracking System (PTS) as “SFPUC”. With the new SFPUC program review station, you may also see “SFPUC-PRG” in PTS and be required to comply with additional SFPUC program requirements.

For more information about SFPUC programs or this new permitting station, please visit the SFPUC programs webpage or contact  

Thank you for your support and partnership.