Financial systems

Resources for DCYF-funded service providers to access accounts, check payments, and update information.

About financial systems

There are two citywide financial systems for DCYF-funded service providers:

  • SF City Partner
  • Paymode-X

If your organization currently or plans on doing business with DCYF, read the sections below to follow important steps on how to access accounts, check payments, and to update your organization's information and compliance. 

SF City Partner

DCYF-funded service providers must:

If your organization plans to do business with us, visit the SF City Partner portal and follow the instructions on how to become a City Supplier.

Visit the the SF City Partner portal


DCYF-funded service providers using direct deposit must have an account with Paymode-X, an Automatic ClearingHouse (ACH). The City has two types of direct deposit:

  • Basic ACH
  • Premium ACH

Service providers who already have direct deposit set up will continue as Basic ACH. Premium ACH direct deposit provides access to additional SF Paymode-X features with a service fee.

Learn more about how to get paid for your vendor services using Paymode-X.

Login to the Paymode-X website

How to access and update my account

How to check my DCYF payments
  1. Check your SF City Partner account.
  2. Check your SF Paymode-X account.
  3. If payment details are still unclear in your SF City Partner and SF Paymode-X accounts, contact your DCYF program specialist with the following information:
    • Agency name
    • Purchase order
    • Invoice number
    • Date of invoice
    • Invoice amount
    • Description of payment details
  4. If you received a payment from another City Department, provide the same information above to your contact at the other department.
How to switch from paper check to direct deposit payments

Visit or contact Paymode-X Member Services at or by calling 800-331-0964. 

How to update my Basic ACH to Premium ACH for direct deposit payments
  1. Log in at
  2. Hover over the company name in the top right corner or scroll to the bottom of the dashboard
  3. Select “Customer Support” and a pop up will appear. Click “Launch Customer Support”
  4. Select the “hamburger icon” (menu icon in the top left corner) and “Create Request”
  5. Fill out the request and select “Vendor Fees” as reasoning and click submit
  6. Request will be created and click “back” to return to the dashboard
  7. A button will be available on the right with “View open support requests” where you can monitor and update cases directly with the helpdesk called Vendor Success
  8. Vendor Success will resolve and determine payment method eligibility
How to update my bank account information

Log in to Paymode-X and update your account. Contact the Paymode-X helpdesk for support.

How to update my mailing and remittance address

Update and view your mailing and remittance addresses in your Paymode-X and SF City Partner accounts to ensure check payments are sent to the correct location. This is particularly important for large organizations that have many office or branch locations. Organizations with multiple addresses in their account must confirm all of addresses, particularly the remittance address where checks are mailed. 

How to update my business tax and other compliances

Visit the Treasurer & Tax Collector’s (TTX) website to view or update your business tax and other compliances. Contact TTX directly. DCYF does not have access to view or update this type of information.

Who to contact for additional support

Use the resources below before reaching out to your DCYF program specialist:

Last updated June 20, 2024