May kaugnayan Office of Health Equity

Tungkol sa amin

Our mission

The Office of Health Equity seeks to addresses health disparities and workforce inequities to create a culture of equity and inclusion, and allow all San Franciscans to enjoy health and prosperity.

DPH Strategic Equity Goals

  1. An end to health disparities
  2. A culture of equity and inclusion
  3. A diverse and engaged workforce
  4. A sustainable equity infrastructure
  5. Authentic community relationships
  6. Consistent accountability

Organizational structure

The Office of Health Equity works to advance equity in 4 focus areas: capacity building, supporting an equity culture, service quality improvements to reduce disparities and deepen community engagement, and to establish accountability for achieving change.

OHE staff also regularly partner with Equity Leads across 11 DPH Divisions. These divisions include Behavioral Health Services; Finance; Human Resources; Information Technology; Jail Health Services; Laguna Honda Hospital; Maternal, Child, and Adolescent Health; Population Health; Primary Care; Whole Person Integrated Care; and Zuckerberg SF General.

Meet our team

Office of Health Equity

  • Tracy Burris, Interim Chief Health Equity Officer 
  • Jenny Chacon, Deputy Director 
  • Vincent Fuqua, Community Equity Program Lead
  • Gavin Morrow-Hall, Workforce Equity Program Lead 
  • Toni Rucker, Operations Manager
  • Meredith McMonigle, Health Disparities Program Lead
  • Anastasia Galant, Data Manager
  • Vanessa Gutierrez, Policy Team Lead
  • Reese Isbell, Senior Policy Analyst
  • Khalilullah Sheiban, Training Team Lead
  • Francine Austin, Operations
  • Alonzo Anderson, Resident Experience & Inclusion Coordinator
  • Lynetta Demus, Community Partnerships Coordinator
  • Khari Marshall, Community Health Worker IV
  • Maria Grande, Health Worker II
  • Vanessa Ruiz, Health Program Coordinator II
  • Maria Hower, Health Worker IV
  • Aaron Fontan, Fellow

DPH Equity Leads

  • Flor Roman, Ambulatory Care
  • Alicia St. Andrews, Behavioral Health Services
  • Jessica Brown, Behavioral Health Services
  • Hillary Kunins, Behavioral Health Services
  • Kristalia Williams, Behavioral Health Services
  • Danyelle Marshall, Behavioral Health Services
  • Sharon Lu, Behavioral Health Services
  • Richa Dhanju, Human Resources
  • Luenna Kim, Human Resources
  • Almir Guimaraes, Information Technology
  • Eric Raffin, Information Technology
  • Anthony Wong, Information Technology
  • Zuhal Bahaduri, Information Technology
  • Michelle Tom, Information Technology
  • Philippe Kennedy, Information Technology
  • Madhumita Das, Information Technology
  • Smriti Dewan, Information Technology
  • Raimon Lewis, Information Technology
  • Tanya Mera, Jail Health Services
  • Martin Soto, Jail Health Services
  • Lisa Pratt, Jail Health Services
  • Amie Fishman, Laguna Honda Hospital
  • Jennifer Carton-Wade, Laguna Honda Hospital
  • Melissa Brown, Maternal Child and Adolescence Health
  • Melissa Murphy-Pucillo, Maternal Child and Adolescence Health
  • Aline Armstrong, Maternal Child and Adolescence Health
  • Cheryl Jones, Population Health Division
  • LaRhonda Reddic, Population Health Division
  • Kenneth Hill, Primary Care
  • Tiffany Kenison, Primary Care
  • Robin George, Primary Care
  • Jessie Escobar, Whole Person Integrated Care
  • John Grimes, Whole Person Integrated Care
  • Alice Moughamian, Whole Person Integrated Care
  • Dara Papo, Whole Person Integrated Care
  • Carol Carbone, Whole Person Integrated Care
  • Sophia Lai, ZSFG
  • Tanvi Bhakta, ZSFG
  • Gretel Chuquipul, ZSFG
  • Susan Ehrlich, ZSFG
  • Gillian Otway, ZSFG
  • Garrett Chatfield, Compliance
  • Joe Turner, Compliance
  • Andre Pelote, Compliance
  • Daryl Gault, Compliance
  • Jenny Louie, Finance/Operations

Equity Governing Council

  • Hillary Kunins, Behavioral Health Services 
  • Naveena Bobba, Central Administration
  • Luenna Kim, Human Resources 
  • Eric Raffin, Information Technology 
  • Lisa Pratt, Jail Health Services 
  • Sandra Simon, Laguna Honda Hospital 
  • Aline Armstrong, Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health
  • Maggie Rykowski, Office of Compliance & Privacy Affairs
  • Jenny Louie, Operations
  • Susan Philip, Population Health Division 
  • Deirdre Hussey, Public Affairs
  • Blake Gregory, Primary Care
  • Dara Papo, Whole Person Integrated Care
  • Susan Ehrlich, Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital & Trauma Center