Apply to open or operate a certified farmers’ market

Get your certified farmers' market permit to operate and organize vendors in San Francisco.

What to do

1. Apply for an agricultural certificate

You need a state agriculture certificate from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. You will need to provide a map of your market that highlights the vendors selling agricultural products and vendors that are not selling agricultural products. Start your application.

2. Pay the agriculture fee

Check the fee schedule for the exact amount. Write a check or money order to the "San Francisco Department of Public Health". Mail the fee to:

Department of Public Health

Environmental Health Branch
49 S Van Ness, Ste 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

3. Gather additional information

Once we process your agriculture certification, we will send it to the Food Safety program. When you apply for your food safety permit, you will need:

  • A copy of San Francisco Business Registration Certificate
  • San Francisco Zoning Referral Form
  • Written approval from site manager if your market is on private property
  • Updated list of all your vendors (including agriculture, retail food vendors, and temporary food facility vendors)
  • A site map that shows the layout of the market, with the exact location of each vendor and restroom
  • Restroom Verification Form. You will need at least:
    • 1 restroom for every 15 food workers
    • Located within 200 feet of every food booth
    • A place for people to wash their hands

4. Apply for a food safety permit

If you will have vendors selling processed or packaged food you also need a health permit from the Food Safety program. Start your application here

We will tell you how much you owe when you submit your application. Find out what your fee is with the farmers' market fee worksheet. This fee includes:

  • Application fee for Food Permit to Operate
  • Fire Department Referral Fee
  • Zoning Referral Fee (if your market will be on private property)

5. Invite vendors to join your market

After your market plan is approved by the health department, you can invite other vendors to join. There are certain restrictions and requirements for different types of vendors:

Vendors selling produce they have grown

Make sure vendors are certified to sell their own produce. View a list of certified producers.

Vendors selling prepared or pre-packaged food

Make sure vendors have a retail food vendor permit. Learn more about the requirements for selling food at a farmers' market.

Vendors making food onsite

If you will have temporary food facilities at your market, you must:

Learn more about the requirements for vendors selling prepared or prepackaged food.

Food truck vendors

Food truck vendors should already have a mobile food facility permit. They need to apply for a health permit separately. Have them email their documents to Amelia Castelli, Senior Environmental Health Inspector at The application should include:

Submit documents every quarter

Keep your permit valid by submitting your documents each quarter. Make sure you submit at least 14 days before every quarter. Make sure to include:

Send your documents to:

Department of Public Health
Environmental Health Branch
Food Safety Program
49 South Van Ness Avenue
Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94103

Special cases

If your market is on a public street

If your market is on a public street

You need a Temporary Street Closure Permit for special events from SFMTA Temporary Street Closures. Call SFMTA at 415-701-4683 for more information.

If your market is indoors

If your market is indoors

Get help

Application process

For help with the requirements, visit us at the Permit Center or contact Amelia Castelli.


Amelia Castelli, Senior Environmental Health Inspector

Contact for questions about the Food Safety Program and health permit


Cree Morgan, Agricultural Commissioner

Contact for questions about the Agriculture certificate

Last updated May 6, 2024